About us

We at Luxury Box Limited are a newly established business in bespoke hand made boxes, although we have only been trading for a short period, our team of highly skilled designers and makers make your packaging needs an ease with 3rd generation directing our operation, and with over 85 years of expertise.

All of our staff members have worked closely with blue chip customers, our Design Studio is key to our success as we can create one offs or full production runs.

Working with new or existing customers is exciting for us at Luxury Box as we are proud to be using methods of making paper on card boxes since 1885.

A bit about me...

My grandfather also well known as Mr Fryer owned the leading box manufacturing company’s in the Britain, As soon as I was old enough all I wanted to do was make boxes I left home at 17 and settled on the south east coast working my way up, my Mother Susan had gained over 10 years of experience and took my grandfathers place in 2006.

I am excited to be opening Luxury Box Limited and follow my family’s traditions in quality hand made boxes.